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Exeon Analytics ernennt Michael Tullius zum Sales Director Germany

Der Schweizer NDR-Hersteller (Network Detection and Response) Exeon Analytics verstärkt sein Engagement auf dem deutschen Markt und hat mit Michael Tullius als Sales Director Germany einen erfahrenen Security-Experten an Bord geholt.


Exeon empfiehlt konsequentes Monitoring von Fremdanwendungen

Das Schweizer IT-Security Unternehmen Exeon Analytics warnt davor, Fremdanwendungen bedingungslos zu vertrauen, unabhängig davon, ob es sich um Auftragsentwicklungen oder um Standard-Lösungen renommierter Hersteller handelt. Problematisch ist bei solchen Anwendungen, dass sie oft sehr weitgehende Berechtigungen benötigen oder unnötigerweise bekommen. Dabei agiert solche Fremdsoftware meist als Blackbox ohne Transparenz in die einzelnen Aktionen oder Datenströme.



Managed Security Services mit Ensec und Exeon

Aufgrund von komplexen und verteilten IT-Prozessen, steigenden Personalkosten und einem zunehmenden Bedarf an IT-Sicherheits-Lösungen, entscheiden sich immer mehr Firmen für Managed Security Services (MSS). Dabei übernimmt ein IT-Dienstleister den Aufbau und Betrieb einer geeigneten, individuell angepassten Sicherheitsarchitektur bestehend aus einzelnen IT-Security Services. Allerdings gibt es massgebliche Unterschiede zwischen den einzelnen Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP). Um besser zu verstehen, was das MSS-Angebot unseres erfolgreichen Partners ensec auszeichnet, haben wir dessen CTO Rolf Scheurer um ein Interview gebeten.


Why Organisations Need Both EDR and NDR for Complete Network Protection

As organisations require a reliable monitoring solution to protect their endpoints from potential threats. As Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) only provides such protection to a certain extent, organisations must reinforce their security defences with a Network Detection and Response (NDR). Their combined detection capabilities can effectively protect organisations from sophisticated cyberattacks.


My first month at Exeon

We usually write a lot about industry news and our cutting-edge Network Detection & Response solution, ExeonTrace. However, just as much can be told about our company's core: the Exeon Team. In the first few months of 2022, our team grew by over 30%, and we are ambitious to expand even further in the future. With this mini blog series, our talented new colleagues will provide personal insights into working at Exeon and how they experienced their first days. In this first blog post, we interviewed Noè Canevascini, our new Recruitment and IT support intern.


Ransomware and the Need for NDR to Provide Robust Protection

Ransomware is one of the most worrying cybersecurity threats for organisations worldwide. In February 2022, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a Cybersecurity Advisory cautioning organisations against the "increased ransomware threat" in 2022. Without proper security controls in place, any organisation is vulnerable to the catastrophic impact of ransomware attacks.


Exeon vereinfacht den Einsatz von Network Detection and Response

Das Schweizer IT-Security Unternehmen Exeon Analytics hat die NDR-Plattform ExeonTrace um Cloud-Anbindungen und neue Anomaly-Handling-Funktionalitäten erweitert. Die aktuelle Version vereinfacht sowohl die Einführung als auch den nahtlosen Betrieb von NDR in On-Premise-, Cloud- und hybriden Umgebungen deutlich. Wie bereits die Vorgänger-Versionen ist das aktuelle Release komplett Software-basiert und kommt im Gegensatz zu herkömmlichen Lösungen ohne jede zusätzliche Hardware aus, was nicht nur Investitionen, sondern auch die Betriebskosten reduziert.


Severe vulnerability in the Spring Framework

Compromised servers are likely to be used as relays and as an entry point for various attacks against corporate networks, such as ransomware attacks.


Third-party cyber risks – and how ExeonTrace can provide complete system transparency

Modern networks have a multitude of third-party systems in use. Consequently, third party applications have become a security-relevant priority in order to protect one's network. Security teams require complete transparency over their IT/OT network.


ISPIN erweitert ihre Managed Security Services mit Exeon Analytics

Zürich/Bassersdorf, 15.02.2022 – ISPIN arbeitet ab sofort mit dem Cybersecurity-Unternehmen und ETH-Spin-off Exeon Analytics zusammen und erweitert ihre Managed Security Services mit der Network Detection & Response (NDR) Plattform ExeonTrace. Kunden profitieren nun von Exeon’s fortschrittlicher Netzwerkanalyse sowie individueller Beratung und Unterstützung durch die erfahrenen ISPIN Cybersecurity-Experten.


Network Detection & Response etabliert sich als zentraler Cybersecurity-Pfeiler

«Network Detection & Response» hat sich innert kürzester Zeit als führende Methode etabliert, um Hacker in Netzwerken frühzeitig zu identifizieren, bevor diese Schaden anrichten. Damit wird «Network Detection & Response» ein zunehmend zentraler Pfeiler einer modernen Cybersecurity-Architektur. Allein der Schweizer Anbieter Exeon Analytics AG hat im Laufe des vergangenen Jahres seine Kundenbasis verdreifacht.



Deep Packet Inspection vs. Metadata Analysis of NDR solutions

Today, most Network Detection and Response solutions rely on traffic mirroring and deep packet inspection (DPI). Traffic mirroring is typically deployed on a single core switch to provide a copy of the network traffic to a sensor which uses DPI to thoroughly analyse the payload. While this approach provides detailed analysis, it requires large amounts of processing power and is blind when it comes to encrypted network traffic. Metadata analysis has been specifically developed to overcome these limitations. By utilising metadata for analysis, network communications can be observed at any collection point and be enriched by information providing insights about encrypted communication.


Threat Hunting and Detection of the Log4j Exploit using the ExeonTrace NDR – Part II

In this blog post, we explain how to work with threatfeeds in ExeonTrace for the detection of devices compromised through the Log4j vulnerability. Our first blog post provides you with more technical background information.


Threat Hunting and Detection of the Log4j Exploit using the ExeonTrace NDR

The remote code execution vulnerability against Apache Log4j2 [] is one of the most severe vulnerabilities we have seen for a long time. It’s so severe because the vulnerability is very easy to exploit and the Log4j logging library is used by many Java applications. Thus, one must assume that nearly any larger organization is potentially affected, either due to software developed in-house or via Java software provided by suppliers. After giving some background, we’ll explain how one can identify exploited systems using our ExeonTrace NDR software in this blog post.


NDR Evaluation Criteria

An NDR solution allows an enterprise to strengthen its security defence against advanced cyberthreats and other non-malware attacks. As more enterprises opt to leverage cloud technologies and IoT devices in their IT environment, having an NDR solution is a must for any company that wants to become cyber resilient in today's information age.


The importance of Diversity in Cybersecurity

Women are significantly underrepresented in cybersecurity. Even though this trend is shifting, today, women only represent about a quarter of the cyber workforce. Considering the explosive growth and consequential talent shortage in cybersecurity, it is crucial to encourage more women into the cyber industry.


SOC Visibility Triad and the role of NDR solutions

Boosted by the continual advancement of digital technologies, cyberattacks are increasing in number and sophistication. The variety of legacy and modern IT systems in use, the interconnection of appliances (that used to run isolated), and the vast number of third-party suppliers are increasingly challenging to holistically protect the IT landscape.


Why ExeonTrace is the NDR of choice for CISOs of industry-leading companies across Europe

Computer networks are the foundation of today's information age and protecting them is a crucial element to ensure the proper functioning of most IT solutions. As most organisations become heavily dependent on computer networks to facilitate work operations, a disruption in network service can have catastrophic consequences on the affected entity.


How does the analysis of existing network log data secure your IT infrastructure?

We are often asked what exactly differentiates ExeonTrace from other Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions. Our numerous conversations with security professionals show they find ExeonTrace’s data analysis approach most convincing.

Image of importance of an NDR solution

The Importance of an NDR Solution to Early Detect Supply Chain Attacks in Corporate Networks

Digital transformation has witnessed a boost in recent years, especially in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic, which accelerated the adoption of digital technologies by several years in just a few months. Integrating digital technology in business has brought significant benefits. However, it also opened the door wide for new security risks and vulnerabilities.

Logo IS4IT partnership

IS4IT und Exeon Analytics AG vereinbaren Service-Partnerschaft

Die IS4IT-Gruppe, ein führender Anbieter im Bereich Cybersicherheit, und der Schweizer Security-Experte Exeon Analytics mit Sitz in Zürich haben eine gemeinsame Service-Partnerschaft abgeschlossen. Das Unternehmen wird für Exeon den Service und Support in Deutschland übernehmen. Eine entsprechende Übereinkunft haben die beiden Anbieter im Juni unterzeichnet.

Image of the new pillar of cybersecurity

NDR: The new pillar of cybersecurity

Prevention and protection are still considered the means of choice when trying to safeguard one's own IT systems. However, the fact that this approach is not sufficient can now be read almost daily in the media. 


Next-Gen Network Detection & Response

The average cost of a data breach is a whopping €3.18 million (or $3.86 million at the time of writing this article). As intruders on enterprise networks increased dramatically, it’s now critical to detect and eliminate threats before any real damage is done.

Image of a red alert due to an attack on MS Exchange Server

Attack on MS Exchange Server: BSI declares "red" alert for the first time in seven years

Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and more serious. The most recent example is the worldwide attack on Microsoft's Exchange Server: In March, hackers infiltrated the system via four security holes. This allowed them to log in as administrator without a password and thus read emails or access passwords and devices of their victims in the network. An estimated 250,000 systems were affected - 30 per cent of them in the DACH region. The fact that so many companies in German-speaking countries fell victim to the attack is no coincidence. In many places, especially in medium-sized businesses, the necessary security awareness is still lacking.

Press Release Go-to-Market

Swiss cyber security company Exeon accelerates European Go-to-Market

Swiss cyber security provider Exeon Analytics AG is expanding into the European market with the ambition to become the leading «Network Detection and Response» provider in Europe. Well-known investors acknowledge the potential of the Swiss solution and support the project with know-how and funds amounting to around 4 million Swiss francs. The ETH spin-off Exeon already has a well-known customer base in Switzerland, including two of the five largest Swiss banks and logistics companies. The first major customers have also been won in Germany and Austria.


NDR daily live

Our digital Cyber Security magazine „NDRdaily” is live now.

Visit NDRdaily and get daily insights on Network Detection & Response, Network Visibility and Cyber Resilience or signup to the newly launched industry newsletter.

Webinar ransomware banner

Webinar: State-of-the-art Cyber Security Architecture in the finance industry

This webinar gives a brief introduction of the NIST framework and zooms in on the Detect function to elaborate on the changing implementations of a SIEM solution over the past years in the finance industry. Also, a live hack is conducted directly in the webinar to show how inducers discover and spread throughout a network and how a state-of-the art security architecture can help detect them.

Two cameras visibility now

Visibility NOW – complete visibility of network activities, faster than ever before

Cyber attacks are becoming more and more frequent and the damage caused to companies is correspondingly greater. Exposed entry points for hackers (Microsoft Exchange, SolarWinds, etc.) are just the tip of the iceberg. Phising activities on employees are also becoming increasingly sophisticated. In short, whether hackers are active in your network is only a matter of time - if they're not already in it. Fast, reliable and holistic network monitoring for early detection of anomalies is therefore more important than ever.

Dark image of a computer displaying "Cyber security" in red on a black screen

How ExeonTrace can help detect the Microsoft Exchange hack

More than hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Exchange servers have been hacked globally, whereas the DACH region seems to be highly affected. This Blogpost explains how ExeonTrace can help to detect the intrusion through automated and manual network analysis.

Banner for a webinar with Roxana Porada, Romano Ramanti, and David Gugelmann

Webinar: Protecting Customer Data against Breaches - Focus on the Financial Sector

The protection of customer data is of eminent importance, especially in the financial industry. To ensure their data security, financial institutions are therefore faced with the challenge of staying one step ahead of attackers and protecting their systems, processes and employees as best as possible...

Swiss Cyer Forum logo

Webinar @Swiss Cyber Forum: Sunburst Attack - core elements and key insights for enterprises

Sunburst one of the largest cyberattacks in history with far-reaching, devastating effects that are still unforeseeable today...

Close-up of a hooded man in a black sweatshit holding a smartphone with a computer

Cyberattack on Swiss fintechs: surveillance can prevent fatal consequences

Zurich, February 15, 2021 - Various media are reporting today on a warning from the cybersecurity company Eset. The latter had reported that the hacker group "Evilnum" has been targeting Switzerland fintech companies since December 2020.

Portrait of CMO Gregor Erismann

Exeon strengthens Executive Team with experienced Chief Marketing Officer

Exeon is expanding its Executive Management with an experienced Chief Marketing Officer. Gregor Erismann, who will take up the position on February 1, 2021, was previously a member of the Executive Board and CMO of the digital agency Namics. With this move, Exeon strengthens its Go-to-Market with the aim of becoming Europe's leading provider of Network Detection & Response solutions.

Closeup picture of the Sun

Blog - Detecting the highly evasive Sunburst attack using an (old) ML model

A wide-spread cyber-attack against multiple government agencies, critical infrastructure providers and private sector organizations such as FireEye was made public this December. The attackers breached their victims’ IT networks by compromising the software supplier SolarWinds, which allowed them to install a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) through SolarWinds’ software update mechanism. In this blog you learn how ML-based detection mechanisms contain such attacks before signatures or Indicators Of Compromise (IOCs) are publicly known.

Picture of a kern in front of the sea

Blog - Cyber attacks threaten financial stability

The global financial stability is increasingly at risk through cyber attacks, claims the IMF according to a recent report. The authors argue that cyber attacks become easier to undertake, increasingly sophisticated and, as an effect, much more prevalent.

Black and white picture of a spider-web

Blog - XDR: A new weapon in the fight against cyber threats

Today, companies collect huge amounts of security-relevant data for cyber monitoring. But the problem lies in efficiently analyzing this data - especially across different data sources. Extended Detection and Response (XDR) reveal new possibilities with the help of AI.

Concrete and brick wall

Blog - Prevention is only half the battle

When a company realizes that its protection concept has failed, it is often already too late. What to do? The Network Detection and Response (NDR) concept offers a new arsenal for cyber defense.

Article with a portrait picture of CEO Dr. David Gugelmann

Detect and eliminate cyber threats before damage occurs

In this interview, originally published by IT-markt, our CEO and Founder David Gugelmann talks about how Exeon strengthens the cybersecurity within companies with our AI-supported network monitoring.

Banner for the Top 100 Security Startups in 2020

Top Cyber Security Startup 2020

Exeon was named Switzerland's TOP security startup by jury of 100 leading investors and startup experts.

Apple computer running ExeonTrace showing a network graph

Exeon takes the next step towards a comprehensive cybersecurity offering

Exeon extends the ExeonTrace detection & response solution. ExeonTrace can now evaluate network, system and application log data for AI-supported detection of cyber threats. ExeonTrace automatically links this data and provides the analyst with an overall view.

Blue and red banner for an event

Exeon @ itsa365

We are looking forward to the start of the itsa launch days, incl. talk of our CEO & Founder, Dr. David Gugelmann (Wednesday, 7.10 at 11.45am). Participation is free of charge! Register over the link below.

Screen at a Credit Suisse stand for a conference

Exeon display at Credit Suisse Europaallee

Enjoy free coworking & coffee and learn more about Exeon Analytics at the Credit Suisse Europaalle coworking space.  

Today and next Thursday, our Exeon experts will also be at the location to discuss about cyber security: Thursday, 1st & 8th, 5-7 pm. We are looking forward meeting you there!  

Read more about our display here.

Dark banner for webinar on Security Threat hunting by CEO Dr. David Gugelmann

Next webinar “Cross-data threat detection & hunting with ExeonTrace Xlog”

Get to know our newest addition to ExeonTrace: Xlog extends our ExeonTrace Network Detection & Response (NDR) platform beyond the network - to a unified IT infrastructure visibility and protection solution.

Register and learn more during our Webinar on Tuesday, 20th of October.

Professional Recording microphone on a white background

Podcast - Exeon Analytics fighting against cyber attacks

David Gugelmann, CEO & Co-Founder of Exeon Analytics talking to Radio1. In this podcast (German) he reflects on his business idea, the world of start ups, Exeon's corporate culture and his personal ups and downs.

CEO Dr. David Gugelmann giving a talk at the TOP 100 event 2020

Exeon amongst the Top 5 Swiss Startups

What a night! We are thrilled to be named among the Top 5 Swiss startups by the industry event of the year: Top 100 Swiss Startup Award. A big thank you to our customers, team and investors for their ongoing trust and support!

SIX logo

SIX and Exeon partner for new Cyber Security Service

We are pleased to announce that SIX is integrating Exeon's detection & response software into its cyber security offering. Together, SIX and Exeon are providing a truly Swiss solution for network analytics.

Photo montage with a truck, containers and a plane

Supply chain attacks. The open back door into your IT network

Cyber attackers typically exploit a company’s weakest link to break in and steal data or launch a ransomware attack. Thus, the better you protect your company’s IT infrastructure from external intruders, the safer it is, right? Unfortunately, this is not necessarily true, as you can also be at risk through your trusted suppliers.

Close-up of stacked data-centers

The timeline of a ransomware attack

The foreign exchange service provider, Travelex, had a very unpleasant start into the New Year. They became one of the latest corporate ransomware victims. A cyber attack usually consists of multiple stages, each of which can take days to months. Let’s use Travelex to explain the timeline of a ransomware attack*

Jungle river with small rowing boats

It’s a jungle out there!

Imagine that in the jungle of cyber security, your company's data is the El Dorado for your foes. How would you protect your city of gold?

Black and white picture of a person holding a remote

How hackers communicate - DGA

Have you ever flown a drone? It’s not easy to master, but once you are in control, the experience is unique. You reach places which you otherwise wouldn’t and completely change your perspective. However, a good connection between your remote control and the drone is key. Otherwise, you risk crashing the drone and, in the worst case, losing it. 

Picture of a woman looking away to a misty mountain landscape

You can’t protect what you can’t see

What is your biggest concern when it comes to the state of your organization’s cybersecurity? In a recently published State of Threat Detection Report, 300 Cyber Security professionals have named automation and visibility as the most significant issues for cybersecurity teams.

Dark close-up of a lion roaring

The return of ransomware

Ransomware as a cyber threat is on the rise. Over the summer companies like Meier Tobler, Omya and various German hospitals were affected. Hackers infiltrate businesses through malicious emails, steal and encrypt critical data. Companies are forced to pay a ransom or face the complete loss of their data. The aftermath of an attack can cost companies millions of dollars! While regular data back-ups help to prevent a complete loss, costs related to business interruptions and the risk of having trade secrets revealed should not be underestimated. I strongly recommend to make life hard for every attacker in your system, through a restrictively configured firewall. If you want to know how Exeon helps you to detect holes in your firewall, read the full blogpost or book directly a personal video call.

Group of people having a meeting around a table

Was der Schweiz fehlt, um zum Cybersecurity-Mekka zu werden

"Unternehmen müssen aufhören, Cyber Security stiefmütterlich zu behandeln und nur als Kostenfaktor zu sehen. In Wahrheit ist es für Reputation und Firmenwert extrem wichtig, kritische Daten zu schützen." Markus Happe, CTO Exeon Analytics.


Scientifica Event

Battle of the machines in cyber warfare - Don't miss our CTO's talk at this year's #Scientifica. Markus Happe will showcase how the "good guys" can stay ahead of cyber attacks using ML/AI, on Saturday, 31st of August (in German), ETH Zürich / Universität Zürich | University of Zurich