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Smart Cyber Security with future-proof
Network Detection & Response

Key drivers to your organization’s success is your data, be it customer data, your intellectual property or the ability to operate critical systems without interruption.

Those fundamentals are found increasingly at risk through advanced cyber attackers, malicious insiders and supply chain attacks, which circumvent common IT protection measures and breach highly sensitive data.

ExeonTrace provides you the tools and intelligence to identify and eliminate such threats immediately. Before any damage is done. Fast, reliable, and effective.

Use ExeonTrace for powerful:

Get network transparency

Intuitive visualizations to understand and monitor complex networks.

Find threats immediately

Specialized machine learning algorithms immediately detect cyber threats.

Act effectively

AI-driven threat scoring, rapid investigation with all relevant information.

Visibility – Understand your network‘s data flows

Unique and intuitive visualizations enable you to understand and monitor large and complex networks. Get full transparency on the communication of your critical networks. For enhanced security and to comply with the latest data protection regulations. Detect data breaches early on and harden your firewall without interrupting crucial business activities.

Identification of hidden data leaks like browser plug-ins or data collecting software

Finding unusual services in your network

Exposure of undesired/malicious calls to internal services

Discovering misconfigured devices

Unauthorized and outdated devices: Clustering of machine-to-machine (M2M) devices for outlier detection (internal shadow IT)

Internal Shadow IT: Correlation with CMDB information

External Shadow IT: Detection of unauthorized cloud services or uploads.

Correlate network data with other log data sources to cover custom use cases

Detection – The alarm system for your network

Detect cyber threats and intrusions such as advanced persistent threats (APT), ransomware hackers, supply chain attacks or data breaches through exposed insecure systems in an automated manner. Easily implement detection scenarios covering multiple network-, host-, and application-based data sources.

Detecting hidden HTTP(S)-based command and control channels, such as to prevent data breaches

Detecting malware using Domain Generation Algorithms (DGAs)

Detecting lateral movements, e.g. the spreading of ransomware and other intrusions in your enterprise network.

Detecting horizontal and vertical scanning within your network

Detecting covert DNS channel: Hidden data leakage via Domain Name System (DNS)

Detecting security policy violations

Blacklist Matching: Correlation with threat feeds

Response - Efficient investigation of security incidents

Act faster and better on security alerts by instantly seeing all relevant information. Our algorithms minimize false alarms and automatically prioritize incidents by threat level.

Save crucial time in security operations and reduce your team workload

See an intuitive graphic representation of security incidents for effective investigation and threat hunting

Algorithm-driven threat scoring for efficient incident prioritization

Rapid query results (seconds instead of minutes for 1TB of log data)

Correlation of data from various data sources to quickly get the full picture