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ExeonTrace – the leading Network Detection & Response solution across industries

As a CISO you want to have clear insights into your network to detect potential attacks before major damage arises. You most likely don’t want any third-party monitored devices or hardware sensors in your network. And you certainly need to be compliant with the regulatory requirements for your specific industry. This is where ExeonTrace comes into the play. 

Leading companies across industries rely on ExeonTrace. Whilst they are unified in a strengthened cyber resilience their respective motives vary across industries. Considering the specific needs of the financial, industrial production, logistics & transportation, energy & utility and pharma & life sciences sectors, Exeon has proven to be a highly effective, efficient, easy to deploy and reliable solution for threat detection and response.


Financial Sector

Customer trust and the protection of customer data are of major importance to financial institutions. Yet, as new technologies shape the financial industry, respective companies are exposed to multiple cyber security risks such as sensitive data leakage. Vulnerabilities in networks or systems can turn cyber issues into far-reaching business problems.

Industrial Production

Industry 4.0 drives significant productivity gains in industrial settings. However, as IT and OT networks become gradually interwoven across enterprise infrastructure, it is increasingly demanding to secure them properly. IoT devices and a highly digitised supply chain pose additional challenges for the business continuity of manufacturers.

Logistics & Transportation

Digitally automated and optimised processes are driving competitive advantages in the logistics & transportation sector. As cyber threats can have a devastating impact on the business operations but also a lasting effect on the long-term customer satisfaction the network protection is of major importance.

Energy & Utility

In the energy & utility sector it is vital to proactively protect critical infrastructure and distributed networks across various locations to ensure uninterrupted service and business continuity. ExeonTrace helps avert potential disruptions and fortifies your infrastructure.

Pharma & Life Sciences

The development of new drugs is time and resource-intensive. It is therefore of highest importance for pharmaceutical and life science enterprises to protect its intellectual property. Furthermore, sensitive data like patient information from participants in new drug trials must be adequately secured to ensure privacy and regulatory compliance.

Get network transparency

Intuitive visualizations to understand and monitor complex networks.

Find threats immediately

Specialized machine learning algorithms immediately detect cyber threats.

Act effectively

AI-driven threat scoring, rapid investigation with all relevant information.