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Exeon Analytics AG

Grubenstrasse 12
CH-8045 Zürich
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Future-proof Swiss Cyber Security: Versus Vectra,
Darktrace and Others

How is ExeonTrace different from the network detection and response
(NDR) solutions such as Vectra, Darktrace and the like?

Our customers say it's smarter.

Smart Approach:

ExeonTrace doesn’t need additional proprietary hardware sensors or software agents, it directly unifies and analyses the log data generated by your existing systems and firewalls.

The ExeonTrace NDR software appliance is operational within hours and can be set-up completely remotely. This unique approach not only gives you a fuller picture, it also makes it much more cost effective and scalable.


Why rely on proprietary hardware sensors that are not only costly to install and limit your protection to where you actually do install them, but are also massively challenged by increasing network encryption and data traffic?

ExeonTrace does not slow your network down through data mirroring and does not rely on increasingly encrypted packet-payloads for security analytics.

Full Data Control:

As ExeonTrace runs completely within your network or Cloud, and does not send any critical data to

outside servers, your sensitive security data is completely protected.

Total Visibility:

Through innovative AI correlation of data from across your distributed networks, endpoints and applications, you get a unified visualization of your entire IT infrastructure.

ExeonTrace gives you total transparency, all in a neat and intuitive UI. To quickly identify gaps and threats, and for efficient investigation and threat hunting.

Powerful AI:

Our award-winning algorithms and deep learning immediately detect threats and suspicious behavior. With specialized components for various sources, even for web traffic. 

The correlation with additional systems and application logs allows you to get a fuller picture – and better protection.

All with minimal additional data volume – up to 50x less than raw log data! For great scalability and keeping a long event history.

Network Traffic
Analysis Capability
Very easy to integrate - Software appliance without dedicated hardware sensors
ML-based threat detection
In-depth visibility into IT network and data flows
Specialized, award-winning algorithms for Web traffic. Detailed analysis of primary data leakage channel
Correlation of arbitrary log data for threat assessment