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Protecting Customer Data against Breaches -
Focus on the Financial Sector

The protection of customer data is of eminent importance, especially in the financial industry. To ensure their data security, financial institutions are therefore faced with the challenge of staying one step ahead of attackers and protecting their systems, processes and employees as best as possible. Recent hacker attacks on the financial industry, which used sophisticated methods to find their way into companies' networks, show just how demanding this can be. The following question is therefore more urgent than ever for financial companies:

What options does the financial sector have to protect customer data from unwanted attacks using new technologies?

In this webinar, experts from PXL Vision, Zürcher Kantonalbank and Exeon jointly highlighted ways and measures to ensure the best possible security of customer data and to detect potential hacker attacks at an early stage.

Roxana Porada, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of PXL Vision shows how the digital authentication of customers to financial portals proceeds and what opportunities but also challenges are associated with it for financial institutions and end customers.

Romano Ramanti from the eChannel Security department and ethical hacker at Zürcher Kantonalbank explains the activities ZKB undertakes to stay one step ahead of any attackers and thus protect customer data as best as possible. 

David Gugelmann, Founder & CEO of Exeon Analytics will present how Artificial Intelligence and Big Data algorithms can detect and eliminate cyber threats in the shortest possible time.

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