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ExeonTrace protects trade secrets and sensitive patient data

The development of new drugs is time and resource-intensive. Most of the research leverages proprietary compounds and sensitive techniques that form the foundation of trade secrets. However, protecting intellectual property and trade secrets continues to be a massive challenge for pharmaceutical and life science enterprises.

Intellectual property like clinical trial data, new product formulas, and test results must be guarded with cutting-edge security technology. After all, the stakes cannot be any higher with multi-billion euros of research at risk. Furthermore, sensitive data like patient information from participants in new drug trials must be adequately secured to ensure privacy and regulatory compliance.

In this scenario, traditional cyber prevention measures simply do not cut it. Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies require security solutions that immediately detect suspicious behaviour in the cloud and in on-site corporate networks in order to detect potential attacks before they harm the companies concerned. Major pharma and life science companies build on ExeonTrace because:

ExeonTrace is deployed in the network infrastructure of the client

All data remains in the company infrastructure

No third-party devices are needed 

ExeonTrace is deployed on a very short notice, allowing for immediate visibility, detection and response 

ExeonTrace complies with specific pharmaceutical and life science regulations 

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Life sciences and pharma focus

Integrated rights and supply chain management
Many pharmaceutical companies collaborate extensively with scientists, academic research institutions, partners, and more to optimise resources and the development process. However, collaboration significantly increases your risk exposure for cyber attacks. Whether sensitive data is shared internally or externally, it must remain secured through the sharing cycle and beyond. 

Patient and trial data security
It is critical to protect sensitive patient data to ensure privacy and compliance. As cyber criminals relentlessly target patient data and sensitive personal information, the life sciences sector must go above and beyond to proactively secure data while being alert to a potential breach. 

Maintaining strict regulatory compliance
Healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and life science businesses are required to maintain strict compliance. However, this becomes increasingly challenging when you consider the increasingly complex business operations. To cope with this increasing complexity, the industry must be able to ensure real-time monitoring and alerting of networks. 

Data segregation and internal barriers
Protecting intellectual property also includes activity monitoring and controls. This is vital to keeping trade secrets surrounding the drug design process within a highly secure ecosystem and only accessed by authorised personnel. This also includes protecting information from hidden threats while data is transferred or uploaded to designated repositories. 

Why ExeonTrace

Rapid Deployment:
Software-based. No sensors or agents needed. Ready in hours.                  

Total Visibility:
Through the integration of ExonTrace all sites and networks can be monitored. With the Algorithm-driven threat scoring, the network is constantly monitored and advanced attacks are immediately reported by an alert.

Vigorous Detection:
Powerful AI and proven algorithms.                              

Effective Response:
Quick assessment, investigation & hunting.                   

Clever Data Handling:
Flow data collection (NetFlow) from different locations distributed all over the world. Using NetFlow data makes the solution very lightweight, reducing the bandwidth needed for the analysis

Future-Proof: Ready for increasing traffic and encryption.              

Trusted by

Head IT Security, PostFinance AG

«PostFinance has chosen ExeonTrace because of its open and future-proof architecture. Not needing any hardware sensors  and being able to control data flows, we didn’t have to make any significant changes to our existing infrastructure. We are also convinced by the cooperation with the competent and technically outstanding Exeon team.»

Peter Hagen, CIO Planzer Transport
Planzer Peter Hagen

«I’m highly impressed by the technical abilities of this Network Detection & Response solution. I can definitely sleep better knowing that we have ExeonTrace in our network.»

Nils Planzer, CEO & Owner Planzer
Black and white portrait of Nils Planzer

«As CEO and owner of a fast moving logistics company, I cannot afford any system interruptions due to cyber incidents. With ExeonTrace, we have found a Swiss solution to monitor our network and quickly detect cyber threats.»

Dietmar Kolasch, Head Infrastructure & Applications 3 Banken IT
Dieter Kolasch from 3Banken IT

«We especially appreciate the comprehensive network visibility that ExeonTrace offers us. The anomaly detection is also extremely accurate and allows our analysts to focus on the essential threats.»

Uwe Störrlein, Co-CEO Alabus
Co-CEO of Alabus

«As Co-CEO of alabus, a hidden champion in the field of business process optimization, protecting the data of our Swiss and international customers is of utmost importance to me. I rely on ExeonTrace to do this and am excited about how this solution helps us understand and secure our network.»

Jürgen Weiss, CEO ARES
Juergen Weiss, CEO Ares

«Our mission is to make corporates more secure, provide quality cybersecurity solutions, and create awareness for cyber prevention rather than investing in damage control. For this, Exeon is a perfect partner!»

Mike Schuler, CEO Ensec
Mike Schuler, CEO Ensec

«For us as a managed security service provider, a reliable, fast and highly automated NDR solution like ExeonTrace is the key to long-term and satisfied customer relationships. We are therefore delighted to partner with the Exeon team!»