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ExeonTrace Xlog

Extending NDR to XDR: Cross-data threat detection and a unified view of networks, endpoints and applications with the Xlog analytics kit for your custom log data.

Are you struggling to apply meaningful security analytics across your various data sources? Even with a SIEM solution in place, many SOC teams struggle to implement cross-data anomaly detection and threat hunting. The new Xlog module extends our ExeonTrace Network Detection & Response (NDR) platform beyond the network - to a unified IT infrastructure visibility and protection solution. It gives you unified monitoring, detection and response capabilities across your distributed networks, endpoints and applications - all in one place.

Turn NDR into XDR: Extend your cyber security capabilities and processes with ExeonTrace Xlog.

Extend Your Analytics: 

By integrating log data from endpoints, cloud- and host-based applications, correlating it with network security data, and automatically analyzing it with AI and prebuilt detection scenarios, the Xlog module drastically improves your cyber protection. Xlog turns the ExeonTrace NDR platform into a powerful Extended Detection & Response (XDR) solution.


Your entire IT landscape is now at your fingertips, in one central interface. View and monitor all your assets, detect threats across systems, and respond faster than ever before. A powerful alternative to your SIEM.

Reduce the workload:

Reduce the workload of your security team by providing automated analysis, detection, and threat assessment across your IT landscape, all in one place.

Complete overview, quick detection, and fast response, all while minimizing false alarms and providing important investigation context.

Xlog, the analytics toolbox for your custom log data:

AI for automated anomaly detection across various log data sources (network, cloud, application and host log data).

Unified visibility thanks to high-level graph visualizations and consolidated views.

Combining host- and network-based detection results to faster identify threats and minimize false alarms.

Graph database reducing raw logs to security-relevant information to save storage space and speed up data retrieval.

Out-of-the-box and custom made detection algorithms for a quick start.

Xlog Module: Cross-data threat detection

For additional security relevant log data

Better events: Enriched, aggregated events across various data sources. Efficiently stored.

Better detection: Correlation and enrichment of network events with host log data:

  • Spot lateral movement earlier by identifying suspicious processes that establish data flows
  • Discover malware disabling the host-based monitoring 
  • Detect issues with your Internet-facing services by analyzing corresponding application logs. 
  • Secure your on-site and cloud infrastructure by monitoring VPN and remote access logs.
  • Attribute suspicious network activity directly to a process and user

Better alerts: Combining the alerts produced by host-based and by network-based security tools to filter false positives and produce consolidated high-quality alerts. Data sources can include:

  • Deep packet inspection (e.g. Zeek/Corelight sensors)
  • Endpoint and user behavior anomalies
  • EDR and AV alerts
  • IDS alerts
  • VPN logs

Better response: Unified visibility for efficient investigation & response.


Contact us today for high quality cross-data threat detection & hunting. The Xlog module can be implemented jointly with ExeonTrace’s NDR modules or separately.