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Cross-data threat detection & hunting with ExeonTrace Xlog

Companies nowadays possess a wealth of security relevant data. However, the challenge is to apply meaningful security analytics across the various data sources. Even with a SIEM solution in place, many SOC teams struggle to implement cross-data anomaly detection and threat hunting.

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Get to know ExeonTrace Xlog, the new data-fusion framework. Xlog extends our ExeonTrace Network Detection & Response (NDR) platform beyond the network - to a unified IT infrastructure visibility and protection solution. Besides ready-made detection and threat hunting, Xlog comes with machine learning and statistics methods that allow you to implement and maintain customized use cases across your data sources with ease.

The new ExeonTrace Xlog module:

  • greatly extends your IT visibility by providing you with a holistic view of distributed networks, endpoints and applications.

  • applies pre-trained machine learning methods and ready-made use cases across various data sources for unified threat detection and hunting.

  • reduces the workload of security analysts by providing automated detection, unified visibility for threat hunting and an easy to use interface to build customized detection rules across various data sources.