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Podcast - Exeon Analytics fighting against cyber attacks

David Gugelmann, CEO & Co-Founder of Exeon Analytics talking to Radio1. In this podcast (German) he reflects on his business idea, the world of start ups, Exeon's corporate culture and his personal ups and downs.

David talks about the beginnings of Exeon Analytics and all the uncertainties that came with founding a startup, given that "not many people start their own company based on their own doctoral thesis".

He shares insights with us on how he ventured his first steps in the "business world" of start ups and how he had to acquire a "different language and mindset" on the one hand, but also how he was lucky to count on valuable support from business angels.

Today he knows: "The startup environment is full of exciting people". He also lets us in on in his personal experiences as an entrepreneur, including how he deals with pressure, how he sees himself as a leader, what drives him and what the costs of pursuing his dream are.

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